Open Opportunities

Game Producer


  • Minimum 3-5 years experience as a video game producer. Ideally 5+.
  • Minimum 2-3 years experience as a video game producer on a mobile F2P title.
  • Experience with Agile/SCRUM development in rapid development cycles.
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Must be self-directed, detail oriented problem solver with a burning desire to contribute to a uniquely creative environment.
  • Passion for mobile gaming.


Owns Game Production

  • They, along with the product owner, are the solid foundation that the team looks to for guidance, stability, and clarity.
  • Has a deep understanding of the tasks and features being developed by the team.
  • Builds and maintains schedules. Knows what’s going on with both internal and external teams at all times.
  • Proactively communicate about issues and address situations before they occur.
  • Mentor and grow the whole production team on how to better manage production.
  • Able to manage communication with over a dozen external SDK partners.

Established Leadership

  • Not afraid to get their hands dirty and lead from the front of the pack. Delegates when necessary, but takes as much work off their team as possible.
  • Understands that developers and artists are the experts and are the most valuable resources.
  • Has the determination to continue working and motivating the team to achieve difficult goals when things are going sub-optimally.

Process Improvement

  • Leads sprint retrospectives and pushes for deep thought.
  • Collaborates with the team to identify inefficiencies in production and builds consensus around the best solutions.
  • Proactively identifies what activities don’t have enough process to scale, usually processes that are about to go from one to many participants, and lays down foundation.

Owns Stability & Technical Quality

  • Owns creation of a weekly health report and pushing for improvements to ANRs, crash rate, etc.
  • Owns relationship with CS and ensures their voices are heard.